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Service Introduction  
SMS Receipt
After a user sends a short message, the system sends a receipt to the user indicating the status of the short message, and includes related information in the receipt in addition to the basic content.
SMS Personal Signature
When the calling party sends a short message, the system sends the message to the called party after appending a personalized signature to the end of the short message automatically.
SMS Forwarding
Allows subscriber to forward SMS’s to a third party number in case of using a new phone number, phone failure, phone power outage or roaming overseas.
SMS Filter
Subscribers have the capability to filter junk messages without having to receive them all in the inbox.
SMS Auto-Reply
SMS Auto-Reply service, the system automatically returns a preset message to the sender when the called terminal subscriber cannot reply the message, such as on a business trip, at a meeting, or on vacation.
SMS Storage
Short message warehouse backs up short messages of a user to the system database synchronously. The user can query and manage the messages via web.
SMS Copy
Allows the mobile subscriber to keep a copy of the SMS received in another mobile number or E-mail address.
WEB SMS Service
Subscriber can log on to the Website that the system provides and send short messages to other users.
Group SMS Service
User can create his or her preferred group and send SMS.
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